pass out

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I want to serve my country with all my heart," Shiva Gurung, a pass out cadet.
Educational qualifications As per the data, out of 3,523 persons who were recruited during this period, 476 had degrees below high school level, 594 were high school pass outs or equivalent, 594 were diploma holders, 1,382 had bachelor degrees and 477 had higher educational qualifications.
The college's enrollment is balanced between recent school pass outs as well as working young adults -- particularly in its popular evening programme.
This may be attributed to the fact that most of BSc pass outs eventually join engineering or medicine, thus never entering into MSc level.
It's written by her other daughter Jess, in her spare time between forging her mum's signatures on Pass Outs for other pupils.
Many recent intermediate-level pass outs have asked me time and again whether 'social work' is a good education choice and what impact this line of work will have in their future.
Our past experiences have proved that pass outs from MBA institutes are not fit for the profile," said Parimit Sen, senior manager in the human resource department of HDFC.
We dragged a couple of our children with us, in order to secure our weekend pass outs.