pass sentence

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in which she proceeded rather to pass sentence on the prisoner than to accuse her.
He thought also [1268a] that they should not pass sentence by votes; but that every one should bring with him a tablet, on which he should write, that he found the party guilty, if it was so, but if not, he should bring a plain tablet; but if he acquitted him of one part of the indictment but not of the other, he should express that also on the tablet; for he disapproved of that general custom already established, as it obliges the judges to be guilty of perjury if they determined positively either on the one side or the other.
In one state of a man's mind, his conscience is the severest judge that can pass sentence on him.
She stood trembling before this horrible old man, as a murderer before the judge about to pass sentence of death upon him.
For that reason I'm not going to pass sentence today.
Judge Kerr QC said: "The defendant will be remanded in custody until Thursday when I will pass sentence.
He will pass sentence on Monday morning but a likely minimum sentence is 25 years.
But the judge said he was not prepared to pass sentence until a psychological assessment of the defendant had taken place.
He refused to pass sentence on Ali Abdalla, who pleaded guilty to two burglaries, until officers explained the circumstances in which he confessed to a further 34 burglaries involving almost pounds 50,000.
THE Honourable Mr Justice Walker did a fine job yesterday when it fell to him to pass sentence on the 21-year-old killer of a gentleman called Harold Lindley.
Judge Graham Cottle adjourned the case for a further hearing to determine a proper basis on which to pass sentence, and remanded Baldwin in custody after he made no application for bail.