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Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, said: "I need a report on Mr Wilkinson before I pass sentence upon him so I know more about him.
Judge James Goss QC, at Newcastle Crown Court, told him: "Although you have pleaded guilty to this offence of manslaughter, I'm not going to pass sentence upon you until a probation officer has prepared a pre-sentence report.
He further remanded Buchan in custody for the reports to be completed before he is sentenced on September 12, adding: "Before a court can pass sentence upon you, the court wants to know more about the circumstances of this offence, but also more about you and so it is the case I will be adjourning for a pre-sentence report."
He was very sorry to have to pass sentence upon men at all Labour disputes, but he gave them clearly to understand that had it not been for the recommendation of the jury he should have passed a heavier sentence than he was about to do.
"Richards said: 'Before you pass sentence upon me I wish to thank sincerely the gentlemen who have defended me during my trial.
I'm going to adjourn sentence for reports so I have all the available information before me when I pass sentence upon you."
That report should be available by May 8 and on that day I will pass sentence upon you.