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From this landing one could pass to the right or left wing of the chateau by a gallery opening from it.
Less than two minutes later, Nick Sarrocco intercepted a pass to set up Adam Barry's 11-yard touchdown pass to Nick Karam to make it 25-0.
If 1 doesn't shoot or make a pass to 3 or 2, he can continue the offense by passing to 4 and receiving a back screen from 2 to restart the action (Diag.
For a PASS to be approved by the Social Security Administration there must be a reasonable chance that the person can achieve the vocational goal and there must be a clear connection between the goal and the client's increased earning capacity.
These two passing mechanics give the user freedom to pass to the open man or make a riskier lead pass that leads a teammate to the basket.
He connected 10 times for 106 yards with Josh Irvin, including a 22-yard, third-quarter touchdown pass to tie the score 7-7.
The "Point" should shade the passer to prevent the quick long throw and to highly discourage an initial pass to anyone on the "wide side" of the court.
For the past four years, BART has issued a New Year's Eve flash pass to facilitate safe holiday travel for BART riders.
Simi Valley rallied for a 13-7lead on Fricke's 28-yard pass to Sammy Scherr and Adam Hernandez's 82-yard kickoff return, but Tyler Bevin's second touchdown run lifted the Bulldogs.
3) has stopped dribble penetration and influenced a pass to either wing, he must quickly drop to the weak side block area as if defending a backdoor cut.
By the end of 2003, 58 District agencies will use PASS to procure goods and services.
Collis struggled in the first half, completing just 3 of 8 passes for 23 yards before the 75-yard touchdown pass to Stephens.