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Sanaa to Close Water Passageways to Prevent Infiltration of Qaeda Operatives
He vanished in December, 2005, and his partially decomposed body was found in a storeroom-style passageway in Birkby in the middle of January last year.
The legendary gallcrist Konrad Fischer, a champion of Conceptual and Minimalist art on both sides of the Atlantic, created his first gallery space in 1967 by closing off a courtyard passageway in the Neubruckstrasse in Dusseldorf.
The birds' name comes from nasal passageways that lie on their beaks like drinking straws.
It has separate passageways for departures and arrivals, with departing passengers going through the second level and arriving passengers through the mezzanine.
The incident on August 25, 2003 was allegedly caused by an argument between the two brothers over the future of the Blaydon Chop Suey House, Clavering Road, Winlaton, in a passageway in Ching Leung's house.
The passageway to Universal Studios Japan will start from the Universal City Station, which is now under construction as one of the stops on the JR Sakurajima Line.
Christopher was pushed into the passageway at the side of the house and the door was bolted.
RESIDENTS determined to keep burglars at bay have raised a petition to get a passageway blocked off.
Rab McKinnon, Jose Quitongo, Gary Wales, Grant Murray, Scott Strang and Ryan Davidson had been standing in a passageway watching the action when stewards ushered them inside, writes IAIN KING.
This would be much cheaper to do than building a secure passageway from the existing site.
As published on November 13th 2012, we completed the excavation and construction of a 625 meters (2,050 feet) passageway allowing a second distinct access toward surface (Escapeway).