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Moving on a few steps I discovered another passageway at the end of which lay a door.
The only exit was through the passageway by which Bukawai had entered.
Quickly, the Belgian leaped over the prostrate form of his erstwhile host, and without a thought of succor for the man in whom, for aught he knew, life still remained, he bolted for the passageway and safety.
Presently, hoping against hope that it had fallen upon the floor of the passageway, rather than back into the depths of the well, he rose upon all fours and commenced a diligent search for the little tallow cylinder, which now seemed infinitely more precious to him than all the fabulous wealth of the hoarded ingots of Opar.
Behind the hangings there was a space of about three feet in width between them and the wall, making a passageway entirely around the room, broken only by the single entrance opposite them; this being a common arrangement especially in the sleeping apartments of the rich and powerful upon Barsoom.
But they presently regained their courage sufficiently to cross this chamber too and enter the short passageway that led to the ancient sleeping apartment of O-Mai the Cruel.
This fact suggested to the ape-man that he might surely be in a passageway leading to the outer world, for the bolts, barring progress from the opposite side, tended to substantiate this hypothesis, unless it were merely a prison to which it led.
At the far end of the chamber he discovered another barred door, and again the bars upon the inside renewed the hope that he was traversing an ancient and forgotten passageway to liberty.
The dusky terror of that frown, Hepzibah observed, was thought to be lingering ever since in the passageway.
The passageway was dimly lighted by occasional radium bulbs, the universal lighting medium of Barsoom.
A credit union has to balance interests of management, members, employees, government and the community it serves," Passageways CEO, Paroon Chadha explained.
He further said that the roads and passageways that connect the terrorist-held region to the Damascus-controlled region would be cut off after Jordan closes off the passageways to the terrorists and as the Syrian Army intensifies attack on terrorists from different directions.