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The DENR, which had allotted P50 million for the initial implementation of the NEP, is targeting the distribution of one million passbooks within the year, and the remaining 900,000 by 2015.
Since its release use has grown rapidly, with many companies developing apps for Passbook.
The new technology will allow passengers to travel paperless, by sending their mobile boarding pass, to Passbook on iPhone or iPod touch devices.
This time last year there was some scepticism in the media about whether - in the age of internet banking - savers really wanted a simple, traditional passbook account," said Yorkshire's savings product manager Mike Helliwell.
At the same time it warned that some people with passbook accounts could be earning as little as 0.
The increase in the number of cases of the crime results from the lax procedures employed at banks and post offices for checking passbook holders' identity.
POLICE have issued this CCTV picture of a man they want to talk to in connection with the use of a stolen building society passbook to withdraw hundreds of pounds from three branches.
The Pelham Bay branch will offer a variety of services, including high-interest checking, the popular Cheap Checking account, ATM services, as well as the traditional passbook savings account.
According to figures from Bank Rate Monitor, the passbook savings account rate in the largest cities in the U.
So, workers were given a passbook for their social security account.
All new passbook holders must be identified, as must any current passbook holders that make a deposit to the passbook.
The fact of the matter is that long-term investors fare much better--even with the occasional 100-point dips and 15% market corrections--than individuals who place their money in passbook savings accounts or, worse yet, stuff bucks in a mattress.