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Once shared, others can use the work as a basis for their Passbook templates.
This time last year there was some scepticism in the media about whether - in the age of internet banking - savers really wanted a simple, traditional passbook account," said Yorkshire's savings product manager Mike Helliwell.
com, says: "Many older savers like and value the security and certainty offered by a passbook.
At the same time it warned that some people with passbook accounts could be earning as little as 0.
But these measures have only been applied to passbooks newly issued or renewed or when a depositor asks for his or her passbook to be protected.
If you would like to help fund ACF and its campaigns, send us your completed passbooks or individual stamps -- and encourage others, even your local school, to do likewise.
ATM21S includes user-friendly display, passbook printing function, and can operate for 24hours.
Passbook accounts typically pay half a per cent less interest, a survey by the financial comparison firm MoneyExpert.
According to lower court rulings, two passbooks and seals were stolen from the office of the organization in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward in March 1999 and the money, in the amounts of 9 million and 5 million yen, was withdrawn the following day at two branches of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, which has been reorganized into Mizuho Bank.
The Halifax, which still has several million customers with passbook accounts, says: "Our cashiers encourage savers with passbooks to switch to accounts offering better rates.
If you're still looking for the ideal gift for Father's Day, America West Airlines has several ideas including America West Club memberships and Passbooks, the unique GiftMiles program, Senior Saver Packs and gift certificates -- all of which will help dad get away from it all in the coming year.