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Entretanto, o passe e acao mais comum e frequentemente numa partida de futebol e o encanto mais apreciavel do jogo.
How come they completed more passes but got a worse result?
Recreation passes are required for admission to the pool, Eagle Lake and tennis courts, and to participate in all instructional programs at the Dawson Recreation area.
As part of the investigation, Go North East confiscated all monthly bus passes from passengers alighting from many of their services.
I just tried to increase the number of passes in keeping with the status of the ministers.
The Passenger Transport Authority Centro has introduced a pounds 5 fee to replace English National Concessionary Travel Passes that are valid on buses, trams and trains across the region.
Individual season passes purchased by April 1 cost $43 for Palmdale residents and $54 for nonresidents.
The "Ball-Man" (X2) stops the penetration of the dribbler, while the "Basket-Man" (X1) protects both low-post "blocks" and takes both the first and second perimeter passes made to either wing and then back to the center of the court.
I agree that 15 passes a month isn't enough, but I also understand the need to restrict how often students can go to the bathroom.
Employers now may distribute transit passes (valued at $65 per month for 2001), as qualified transportation fringe benefits, for more than one month without negating the tax-free status of the passes.
First, if the transit passes are distributed for a period of no more than three months and the employee is net scheduled to terminate employment before the beginning of the last month in the period, but does in fact terminate, the value of the transit passes provided for months beginning after the date of termination may be excluded from wages for employment tax purposes (FICA, FUTA, and income tax withholding), but must be included in the employee's gross income for reporting purposes.
Thus, the options an employer can offer its employees as an alternative to cash were expanded to include employer-provided transit passes and vanpooling as well.