passed away

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But the night passed away without any fresh attempt on the part of my persecutor.
The night wayfarers had passed away, the great army of toilers as yet slumbered.
And there, quite by accident, he was found one night, dying, and passed away just before the time for taking down the shutters.
Hour after hour passed away in sleepless pain and delirium on Marianne's side, and in the most cruel anxiety on Elinor's, before Mr.
The year soon passed away, and he was obliged to depart.
The proposed half-hour of the walk had passed away, and was fast expanding to half an hour more, before Lord Montbarry could persuade his companion to remember that dinner was waiting for them.
But, on the other hand, when listening to the rattling noise of these torrents, and calling to mind that whole races of animals have passed away from the face of the earth, and that during this whole period, night and day, these stones have gone rattling onwards in their course, I have thought to myself, can any mountains, any continent, withstand such waste?
On and on she went, over hill and valley, broad rivers and rustling woods, till the warm sunlight passed away, the winds grew cold, and the air thick with falling snow.
Within this barrier was maintained a vigilant watch throughout the night, which passed away without alarm.
being all that she had time for, as she passed away.
It passed away too quickly, and we began to prepare for the descent.
A year, then, had passed away since the separation of the father and son; a few letters had softened, but not removed, the pains of absence.