passed down

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The detective passed down the quay, and rapidly made his way to the consul's office, where he was at once admitted to the presence of that official.
As the girl passed down through the hall, she went before open doors framing more eyes strangely microscopic, and sending broad beams of inquisitive light into the darkness of her path.
They hastily passed down the steps to what had been a lawn and looked upward at the vine, whose entire length was now visible.
Ernestine swung open the entrance door to the "Hour", and passed down the rows of desks until she reached the door at the further end marked "Sub-Editor.
They passed down the busy street that led to the yards.
Endicott hastily unclosed the letter and began to read, while, as his eye passed down the page, a wrathful change came over his manly countenance.
They were miracles of domestic felicity, and their happiness has passed down in tradition, among all their descendants.
Having seen no Indians in this neighborhood as they passed down the river, they must have subsequently come out from among the mountains.
Natasha's face, which had been so radiantly happy all that saint's day, suddenly changed: her eyes became fixed, and then a shiver passed down her broad neck and the corners of her mouth drooped.
The literary histories might keep record of them, but it is loath some to think of those heaps of ordure, accumulated from generation to generation, and carefully passed down from age to age as something precious and vital, and not justly regarded as the moral offal which they are.
Indeed, as they passed down the street, all the people cheered them lustily, and the Shaggy Man and the Wizard and the Captain General all took off their hats and bowed politely in acknowledgment.
The two men passed down the stairs, through the sitting-room, out on to the lawn by a door left unfastened, and round the house to the shed.