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TO MUSTER, mar. law. By this term is understood to collect together and exhibit soldiers and their arms; it also signifies to employ recruits and put their names down in a book to enroll them.

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The brokers also negotiated a short-term leaseback for the insurer at 622 Third Avenue at favorable terms, and prepared a lease for space at the World Trade Center that passed muster with the Port Authority without delay.
Other: Both Thousand Islands that we tasted (Kraft Free and Naturally Fresh Fat Free) passed muster.
We've passed muster among a panel of five or more tough judges who know the construction business inside out," commented Tony Rader, AUI's Construction Group manager.
It passed muster and made its way into the sheriff's fleet, the first of a slew of municipal contracts.
Boese also details a recent scientific fraud, in which a fossil found in China passed muster, among some scientists, as the missing link between dinosaurs and birds.
All of these factors combine to make him extremely well suited to promote our products that have already passed muster in the highly monitored and regulated casino business, to potential clients in the lottery industry".