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TO MUSTER, mar. law. By this term is understood to collect together and exhibit soldiers and their arms; it also signifies to employ recruits and put their names down in a book to enroll them.

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From the cafeteria-style line, spicy basil chicken was a fair rendition, and short ribs passed muster.
And to make sure she passed muster as one of the boys, the glamorous 34-year-old star of Indecent Proposal and Ghost even had her head shaved.
In November, olestra passed muster with two panels assigned by FDA to review the scientific evidence.
The specific technology selected by US Ecology has successfully passed muster at Superfund clean-up sites managed by the U.
Spotlight 29, the Palm Springs casino she'll play May 5, falls in the latter category and required a video of her act to make sure it passed muster.
An experimental technique called preimplantation diagnosis also passed muster with the panel.
Lazar added that GRS' proprietary tools have been embraced by the travel industry as a cost-efficient distribution channel for travel product providers, and has passed muster with third-party reviewers.