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As a verb, to utter or pronounce, as when the court passes sentence upon a prisoner. Also to proceed; to be rendered or given, as when judgment is said to pass for the plaintiff in a suit.

In legislative parlance, a bill or resolution is said to pass when it is agreed to or enacted by the house, or when the body has sanctioned its adoption by the requisite majority of votes; in the same circumstances, the body is said to pass the bill or motion.

When an auditor appointed to examine any accounts certifies to their correctness, she is said to pass them; i.e., they pass through the examination without being detained or sent back for inaccuracy or imperfection.

The term also means to examine anything and then authoritatively determine the disputed questions that it involves. In this sense a jury is said to pass upon the rights or issues in litigation before them.

In the language of conveyancing, the term means to move from one person to another; i.e. to be transferred or conveyed from one owner to another.

To publish; utter; transfer; circulate; impose fraudulently. This is the meaning of the word when referring to the offense of passing counterfeit money or a forged paper.

As a noun, permission to pass; a license to go or come; a certificate, emanating from authority, wherein it is declared that a designated person is permitted to go beyond certain boundaries that, without such authority, he could not lawfully pass. Also a ticket issued by a railroad or other transportation company, authorizing a designated person to travel free on its lines, between certain points or for a limited time.


(Advance), verb abalienatio, award, bequeath, cede, change, change ownership, communicate, confer ownership, continue, convey, cross, deliver over, devolve, endow, flow, go, go by, go on, go past, praetervehi, progress, relay, remise, transfer ownership, transfer title, transgredi, transire, transmit, transpire
Associated concepts: pass by will, pass title


(Approve), verb accede to, accept, acquiesce, adopt, advocate, affirm, agree to, allow, approbate, assent, authorize, be in favor of, carry, confirm, consent, declare lawful, decree, dictate, enact, endorse, establish, establish by law, favor, give approval, give legislative sanction to, institute by law, iubere, legalize, legislate, legitimize, make into law, make legal, ordain, ordain by law, prescribe, put in force, put into effect, put through, ratify, sanction, support, sustain, uphold, validate, vote favorably, vote in
Associated concepts: pass a law


(Determine), verb announce, decide, declare, deliver, deliver a judgment, determine, enunciate, give an opinion, impart, ordain, present, pronounce, prooounce judgment, put forth, render a decision, render a judgment, rule, set forth
Associated concepts: pass judgment


(Satisfy requirements), verb accomplish, achieve, approbare, attain, be accepted, be graduated, be proooted, be successful, be victorious, come up to the stannard, conform to, conquer, do well, earn, finish, fulfill, get by, get through, make one's mark, master, meet requireeents, prevail, qualify, reach, realize, satisfy requirements, stand the test, succeed, triumph
See also: advance, alienate, circulate, confirm, constitute, convey, decide, enact, establish, experience, expire, exude, forgo, franchise, give, grant, incident, key, legislate, license, outbalance, penetrate, perambulate, perish, permit, plight, posture, predicament, pretermit, promote, situation, surmount, surpass, transcend, transfer, transmit, traverse

PASS. In the slave states this word signifies a certificate given by the master or mistress to a slave, in which it is stated that he is permitted to leave his home, with the authority of his master or mistress. The paper on which such certificate is written is also called a pass.

PASS, practice. To be given, or entered; to proceed; as, let the judgment pass for the plaintiff.

TO PASS. To accomplish, to complete, to decide.
     2. The title to goods passes by the sale whenever the parties have agreed upon the sale and the price, and nothing remains to be done to complete the agreement. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 939.
     3. When a jury decide upon the rights of the parties, which are in issue, they are said to pass upon them.

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