passing judgment

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Beyond the obvious, I really like the fact Mike and the editor trust the audience to judge the content for its real value, and not be sidetracked by passing judgment on the author's considerable size.
Marina finds a safe place to fall in her friend West, who helps her face her demons without passing judgment.
They insisted the Conservative leader was wrong to maintain that they would focus only on procedures for gathering and analysing intelligence, rather than passing judgment on the use made of it by politicians.
According to the entertaining diaries of Sir Richard Eyre's time as director of the National Theatre, Soames's mother packed son off to buy interval drinks before passing judgment on him: "He's frightfully nice, but frightfully stupid.
But Europeans, who are understandably less concerned about the implications of European regulators passing judgment on American business combinations, know a different man.
Walk a mile in another's (non-leather) moccasins before passing judgment.
There is no danger that, by allowing this suit to proceed, we will thrust the secular courts into the constitutionally untenable position of passing judgment on questions of religious faith or doctrine," Judge William Fletcher wrote in Bollard v.
Hido, however, shows no sign at all of passing judgment on his absent subjects.