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A passionate desire to have him un- derstand the import of life, to learn to interpret it truly and honestly, swept over her.
As she looked at George Willard, the passionate desire to be loved by a man, that had a thousand times before swept like a storm over her body, took possession of her.
There was something pitiful in the man's talk, in that odd mixture of bitter cynicism and passionate earnestness, but there was also something fascinating.
There was a ring of passionate truth in Monty's words.
Upon them the undivided, tensely passionate attention of that whole mass of men was concentrated.
Ruth in tears - passionate, angry tears - was a revelation to him.
His father, who was called Mad Jack, was wild and worthless, his mother was a wealthy woman, but weak and passionate, and in a short time after her marriage her husband spent nearly all her money.
She was a weak and passionate woman, and sometimes she petted and spoiled her little boy, sometimes she treated him cruelly, calling him "a lame brat," than which nothing could hurt him more, for poor little George was born lame, and all his life long he felt sore and angry about it.
He did not distinguish what sort of love his might be, big or little, passionate or passionless, lasting or passing (he kept a ballet girl himself, though he was the father of a family, so he was lenient in these matters), but he knew that this love affair was viewed with displeasure by those whom it was necessary to please, and therefore he did not approve of his brother's conduct.
'You don't know that girl's passionate and proud character.
You yourself,' said Mr Meagles, persuasively, as if the provocation to be angry were not his own at all, 'want to give the poor passionate girl another chance, I know, Clennam.'
Such was my passionate warmth that--we had rattled out of the village, gentle reader, and were lonely as Adam and Eve in paradise--I plead guilty to no less freedom than a kiss.