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Two book-length manuscripts are in progress: "The Passionateness of Being: Explorations in Lonergan's Metaphysics" and "The Ethics of Discernment: Choosing the Story of Our Life.
On the other hand, anthropological constitutive meaning exclusive of cosmological insight and truth is insensitive to its biological base in the body's and the psyche's rhythmic participations in nonhuman nature, and so to an entire dimension of the passionateness of being or tidal movement that, as underpinning and accompanying and overarching the operations of intentional consciousness, is the normative source of meaning in history.
In a paper from roughly the same period, "Mission and the Spirit," the "tidal movement" is called "the passionateness of being.
The disinterestedness of morality is fully compatible with the passionateness "of being.
Consciousness as Conditioned by the Passionateness of Being.
In the passage quoted above Lonergan goes on to speak of the passionateness of being as underpinning conscious being: