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White rural women reformers soon shifted back to emphasizing female purity--for example, petitioning state legislatures to pass criminal seduction laws that resurrected ideas about feminine passionlessness.
So far, I have demonstrated that Siddal's re-visionary ballads invite readers' skepticism that female passionlessness is how women really feel, illustrate how the dutiful angel in the house becomes worn out, and portray female autonomy (albeit to tragic ends).
Cott, Passionlessness: An Interpretation of Victorian Sexual Ideology, 1790-1850, 4 SIGNS 219 (1978) (arguing that evangelical women helped to create ideology of female passionlessness in order to elevate cultural status of bourgeois women in antebellum America) [hereinafter Cott, Passionlessness].
Although Leonard sees some gains for doctoral students in a managerialist university (more supervision), she finds implicit a "new masculinism" that "over-values rationality, individual autonomy, objectivity, and scientism, and now also political passionlessness and econonism" (p.
Passionlessness is a quiet state of the rational soul.
Second, the disinterestedness and passionlessness of Emile's attitude anticipate Kant's requirements for aesthetic judgment in the Critique of Judgement.
Of course, such templates are not molded solely by a culture of de facto apartheid and a ruthless "market" economy; their use, surely, has to do with individual self-indulgence, passionlessness and passivity.
Gregory takes very seriously the ontological connection between virginity, passionlessness and incorruption.
However, this is a minor flaw in an impressive chapter where duCille critically positions Fauset and Larsen as "transitional figures" whose works form the "bridge between the literary passionlessness of the 1890's and the sexual openness of the modern era.