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RANGE. This word is used in the land laws of the United States to designate the order of the location of such lands, and in patents from the United States to individuals they are described as being within a certain range.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The NMT was used during passive range of motion of the left ankle for severe planter flexion contracture.
All even-numbered patients in group II were treated by passive range of motion (ROM) exercises only.
(8,9) It is the belief of the investigators that such blockade effects can assist the patient in progressing with passive range of motion exercises promptly and more vigorously following surgery.
The reliability of goniometers for measuring passive range of motion is fair to good (Hayes et al 2001, Gogia et al 1987).
Recent studies indicate that daily passive range of motion exercises increase bone mineral density in This infant's legs are preterm infants, Dr.
Omissions include ignoring the differences between active and passive range of motion, failing to list the Ottawa rules for X-ray referral, and a limited list of musculoskeletal pathologies.
They perform certain activities that are an adjunct to therapy, including ambulation, passive range of motion, splint and orthotics applications, and other modalities, such as hot and cold packs.
He requires passive range of motion, and he has an indwelling Foley catheter and needs a daily bowel regime.
Crepitus with active and passive range of motion is usually present in patients with radiographic evidence of a loose body.
The splint was removed at one week, and gentle elbow and wrist active and passive range of motion exercises were begun.
Passive range of motion exercises were started six weeks after the surgery.
Dedy and coworkers reported that a posterior offset humeral rTSA implant (i.e., which causes an anterior shift of the humeral bone) decreased the total passive range of motion of one reverse total shoulder arthroplasty design.

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