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Undetermined human ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis in the United States, 2008-2012: a catch-all for passive surveillance.
The national expert committee for vaccine pharmacovigilance will validate all AEFIs identified through this evaluation; however, discrepancies between AEFIs identified through this pilot active surveillance and through passive surveillance highlight the need for an organized and active data collection system to supplement the lack of sensitivity of passive AEFI detection during a mass immunization campaign (2,3).
In addition, they reported that the enhanced system that used case ascertainment was able to rule out false positives in the passive surveillance after medical records review.
8,14,16] The lower reporting rates could be because of the method of passive surveillance followed in these countries.
Vladislav Hofman, Managing Director of ERA said, “The listing of our equipment by the Czech Armed Forces is a testament to the confidence placed in our passive surveillance solution.
Now we are expanding this passive surveillance to a more active approach," with testing in cases referred by laboratories, Dr.
This so-called passive surveillance, as opposed to active testing of apparently healthy birds, is the most that may be feasible in many regions of Asia where financial resources are scarce.
The products offer multimodal, end-to-end biometric security solutions that include 3D infrared facial recognition access control, real-time facial recognition passive surveillance and simple-to-use visitor management systems.
The remaining household clusters were kept only under passive surveillance at health facilities and neighbouring practitioners for the detection of fever cases.
IMI) (Ramat Hasharon, Israel) has developed a passive surveillance, automatic alert, and weapon-cueing system for short-range air-defense (SHORAD) applications, called Red Sky.
7% decrease in male STDs was documented from passive surveillance.