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adj. referring to being inactive. A "passive trustee" is one who has no responsibilities other than to hold title or wait for an event which would activate the trust. "Passive income" for tax purposes includes any income in which there is no effort or active management, and is treated differently for some purposes, such as social security income limitations. It may include stock dividends, trust profits, rents with no management involvement, and interest on bank accounts.

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PASSIVE, com. law. All the sums of which one is a debtor. It is used in contradistinction to active. (q.v.) By active debts are understood those which may be employed in furnishing assets to a merchant to pay those which he owes, which are called passive debts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Lawsuits filed against plan sponsor fiduciaries allege that they acted imprudently in the selection of passively managed funds.
Thus, if plan fiduciaries study the facts and circumstances-by employing a prudent decisionmaking process-and conclude that an actively managed fund, despite being more expensive, is likely to achieve greater returns or prone to be less risky than a lower-cost, passively managed fund, they should feel comfortable offering the investment.
This allows Intertec to produce large, highly insulated panels for specific applications - such as those for passively cooled shelter in this project, with a footprint of almost 50 square metres.
Deep hooking and angling success when passively and actively fishing for stream-dwelling trout with baited J and circle hooks.
The author further hypothesizes that countries that actively or passively allow companies to operate sports betting sites will have lower mean PDI scores than those which actively or passively prohibit the practice.
The city previously installed "passively vented wells" and an active gas extraction system, but continues to see methane levels above regulatory limits.
than humans, because we are passively immunized in the womb, while farm animals are not." This is not true.
This is surprising given that it has never been shown to reduce crime anywhere in Wales; but more importantly, the victim may still be alive today if the money which has been wasted on CCTV had instead been spent on more police officers, who can intervene to prevent people being killed, rather than just passively filming the event for use in a later conviction.
The manufacturer described Purifilter Plus as incorporating electric elements with a passively regenerating Purifilter.
Recently, Zhou et al [20] proposed a passive worm propagation model, which added a passively infectious stage to the KM model.
Intertec has begun offering a passively cooled enclosure that it says exploits a novel phase-change material to maintain the temperature of electronics equipment 10 degrees lower than peak ambient temperatures.
The solution passively listens to network packets as it records VoIP STP sessions.