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Indeed, an alternate title for Pieper's book would be "Wise Passiveness," a key Wordsworthian phrase that might best be defined as an active focusing that prepares the mind to receive passively.
Nevertheless, Thaci publically shared his remarks on the passiveness of the khojas in Macedonia, who, according to him, "close the eyes before the orthodoxy.
In December last year, Iran's deputy petroleum minister, Ali Majeedi, voiced his unhappiness with Pakistan's passiveness in completing the pipeline, and is looking to bring in European companies to assist with the construction on Pakistani soil.
He also added that it's very easy to attribute the lack of decisiveness and the occurrence of hesitance to support the Syrian opposition to the fear that Al-Qaeda organization might indirectly be involved, pointing out that the passiveness by the International community has paved the way for the terrorist networks to proliferate inside Syria.
She claimed Aquino's silence and passiveness only confirm his alleged support for his family's bid to circumvent the 2012 Supreme Court decision ordering the distribution of Hacienda Luisita.
As a result of stealing and then returning the boat during a night when "outward things seem endowed with respiring life" (69), the boy who becomes the poet learns Wordsworth's characteristic "wise passiveness," his intimacy with the world, his way of receiving it, developing in that process an "optimally human way of being in the world" (81).
In other words, the Pitons depict the way the island "sells" itself, producing a default landscape that reflects the passiveness of its politics of decolonization.
On Syria, he cited excerpts of a statement that had been addressed by His Highness the Amir at the ACD summit in Kuwait, where His Highness alluded to passiveness of the world toward tragic conditions in this country.
Thus, owing to the passiveness of the Yerevan Municipality, the disabled persons' rights to unimpeded use of public transport
Moderation in foreign policy is neither surrender nor conflict, neither passiveness nor confrontation, but rather is interaction," Rohani said in Tehran on Saturday during his first live televised speech since winning the election on June 14.
Attempts need to be made since passiveness is not going to bring anything good.
Instead, the Greeks have been rewarded for rioting and our passiveness has been thrown back in our faces.