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adj. referring to being inactive. A "passive trustee" is one who has no responsibilities other than to hold title or wait for an event which would activate the trust. "Passive income" for tax purposes includes any income in which there is no effort or active management, and is treated differently for some purposes, such as social security income limitations. It may include stock dividends, trust profits, rents with no management involvement, and interest on bank accounts.

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PASSIVE, com. law. All the sums of which one is a debtor. It is used in contradistinction to active. (q.v.) By active debts are understood those which may be employed in furnishing assets to a merchant to pay those which he owes, which are called passive debts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The constants [epsilon], [[epsilon].sub.u], and [[epsilon].sub.y] are, respectively, referred to as the passivity, input passivity, and output passivity constants.
By taking advantage of certain formally obtained relations of the pseudocontractive properties of an operator (I - G) and the accretive properties of its counterpart operator G in Hilbert spaces, the objective of this paper is to derive general conditions of the properties of accretivity, positivity, and passivity and their strict and asymptotic versions of an operator are asymptotically strictly pseudocontractive in the intermediate sense on a Hilbert space based on asymptotic pseudocontractive-type conditions on the operator (I - G), the less restrictive asymptotic passivity conditions on G being obtained if (I - G) is asymptotically strictly, or strongly strictly pseudocontractive in the intermediate sense.
BNB is in a state of total passivity. It keeps doing nothing and I cannot figure out why," Penchev emphasized.
In this study with sample size of 80, using Cronbach alpha the reliability of this questionnaire was 0.75 and the reliability of components of passivity, aggression, assertiveness, and acting, was 0.62, 0.54, 0.57 and 0.66 respectively, which is indicative of high validity.
Merleau-Ponty's understanding of "passivity" is a key to his account of perception, which, for him, is the way in which we are involved in the world and that on which the functions of understanding, reason, and reflection ultimately rest.
the civil activists in Armenia undergo violence and the police are blamed for passivity. The police consider such statements to be
"The EU has been torn between the interventionist instincts of the UK and France, two nations that still see themselves as world powers, and the inward-looking passivity of Germany, an economic giant loath to flex its diplomatic, let alone military, muscles," explains Joshua Chaffin for the Financial Times.
The passivity concept was introduced by Willems [1] and developed further by Hill and Moylan [2].
This results in a reading that stands out for its passionate defense of human passivity and dependence.
4), who challenged our church's passivity and silence in the face of increasing militarism.