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75 and the reliability of components of passivity, aggression, assertiveness, and acting, was 0.
We learn that inauguration or "institution" arises out of a passivity that is not merely an absence of activity.
the civil activists in Armenia undergo violence and the police are blamed for passivity.
Passivity and Self-temporalization), en segundo lugar, la sintesis asociativa que opera en el presente viviente (2.
In short, human freedom and adequacy really mean a state of lesser constraint, passivity, and inadequacy.
Throughout the play, a tension between the active and passive, patient and agent, dominates the narrative, resulting in a "dynamic stalemate," where Homburg's inaction and passivity ironically propel "the dramatic momentum" (154).
I unfolded before Rocco my plan for a holiday of housewifely passivity, simultaneously massaging my pocket pitifully as if it were one of Tiresias's breasts.
Others might mark time, or fall back on total passivity.
That is, he distinguishes that form of passivity and its externally imposed impotence, from the form that has arisen over recent decades in the study of the literary Sturm und Drang, which tends to involve self-castigation and melancholy.
Regarding the materials used for prothesis was noticed passivity phenomenon (Rieu et al.
The cleric also criticized Muslim countries for their passivity over the siege.