past due

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Businesses can also further gauge the riskiness of their industry by comparing the long-term frequency and severity of past due payments to an economy-wide average.
The total balance of severely delinquent home equity installment loans (90-days past due or in foreclosure) in September 2014 is $2.
Number of properties that are 30 or more days past due or in foreclosure: 3,834,000 Month-over-month change: 29,000 Year-over-year change: -951,000
After estimating future recoveries and subsequent losses on each loan, Fitch defaulted all loans over 90 days past due in each transaction in order to estimate future enhancement levels.
Instead of a multi-year audit, the program is designed so that companies can receive a full release of all past due unclaimed property liability in nine months.
Auto Finance 60+ days past due rates declined by 19% and Auto Bank 60+ days past due declined by 23% in 2011.
The increase for the quarter was driven by a 37-basispoint increase in loans one payment past due.
CSG is a debt recovery company located in Apple Valley, Minnesota specializes in assisting small to medium sized businesses in recovering their past due accounts.
Compared to last year, domestic past due B2B invoices decreased slightly (down 1.
Receivables more than 60 days past due rose to 29% by June, almost three times what Microsoft considers an acceptable level.
Card companies typically write off loans after they are 180 days past due.