past hope

References in classic literature ?
He was ruined past hope now; his destruction would be immediate and sure, and he would be an outcast and friendless.
She had too old a regard for him to be so wholly estranged as might in two meetings extinguish every past hope, and leave him nothing to do but to keep away from Uppercross: but there was such a change as became very alarming, when such a man as Captain Wentworth was to be regarded as the probable cause.
Nothing is past hope, if such a miracle has happened.
Because I do hope it, or rather, I wish it; she's almost past hope.
In that simple heart waged a fierce conflict; the crushing sense of wrong, the foreshadowing, of a whole life of future misery, the wreck of all past hopes, mournfully tossing in the soul's sight, like dead corpses of wife, and child, and friend, rising from the dark wave, and surging in the face of the half-drowned mariner
The reality of his suffering crushed all hopes in Levin and Kitty and in the sick man himself, leaving no doubt, no memory even of past hopes.
Ogimi lifted Japanese spirits in the 27th minute as she got one past Hope Solo - whose work in the US goal earned her the Golden Glove award as top keeper of the tournament.
When an animal is in pain and past hope of recovery, we know that the kindest thing is to have it put down.
I'm the one who has to live with it" Singer Tulisa Contostavlos, below, on cosmetic surgery "The jerk of all jerks" Sir Paul McCartney's description of John Lennon's killer "When an animal is in pain and past hope of recovery, we know that the kindest thing is to have it put down.
In the past hope were created for the construction of minimum three refineries but it seems none of these refineries will ever be constructed.
In this free-scoring division Western Speke beat Kingy's 5-3 while Botanic smashed 28 goals without reply past Hope St Raiders.
could even get settled in Hampden Park, Amy LePilbet effortlessly headed the ball to Gaetane Thiney, who fired a shot past Hope Solo from 25 yards out.