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This board-dependent method of production also meant that short of going back to square one and recreating a page from scratch, prior to printing, those completed paste-up boards were irreplaceable.
Although actually set in Antarctica, the scenes recalled Ernest Shackleton's harrowing Antarctic adventure of 1914 as captured by crew photographer Frank Hurley (actors actually admitted to having stared at paste-ups of such images in rehearsal).
'I've known him for a long time and he said to me: 'why don't you do something for us?' 'I produced paste-ups of designs and a mock-up of the catalogue, then matched that with artwork of bedlinen, lighting and the rug collection, and some sketches of the furniture.'
Ten years have elapsed since the publication of the third edition of "The Newsletter Editor's Desk Book." THe 1995 fourth edition brings this classic resource for editors into the computer age, replacing references to paste-ups and typewriters with their computer equivalents.