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The vamped dress of silver paper and paste, which had been too glaring in the footlights, looked more and more magical and silvery as it danced away under a brilliant moon.
Mr Casby, too, was beaming near the hob, with his benevolent knobs shining as if the warm butter of the toast were exuding through the patriarchal skull, and with his face as ruddy as if the colouring matter of the anchovy paste were mantling in the patriarchal visage.
Ozcan, "Determination of Rheological Behavior, Emulsion Stability, Color, and Sensory of Sesame Pastes (Tahin) Blended with Pine Honey," Food and Bioprocess Technology, vol.
With ELASTOSIL Color Paste FL UV Fluorescent, the Munich-based chemical company is expanding its portfolio of pigment pastes.
Injectable pastes are samples of the replacements used in tissue engineering.
Heraeus Photovoltaics, a supplier of metallisation pastes to the PV industry, has received three patent families from the Japan-based Murata Manufacturing.
The EMS uses six (three each) solder pastes and wave fluxes within its manufacturing process and cleans all PCBs through an inline spray-in-air cleaner.
2010) in our work several rheological tests were carried out at 20 [degrees]C, by using the stress controlled rheometer AR2000, on the fresh cement pastes incorporating 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% of metakaolin (MK).
Cement pastes are complex dispersion systems having considerable specific surfaces where complex time-related hydration reactions take place.
A new standard, ASTM C1738, Practice for High-Shear Mixing of Hydraulic Cement Pastes, provides for preparing a mixture of cement paste that will simulate the shearing experienced by the cement paste in concrete, and was developed by Subcommittee C01.22 on Workability, part of ASTM's Committee C01 on Cement.
Not all pastes are the same, but Polycell Paste the Wall Wallpaper Adhesive gives you 15 minutes to adjust the