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14) Today, millions (15) of consumers, propelled by a renewed interest in local food (16) and a growing discontent with both conventional medicine (17) and nutrition, (18) are seeking out raw milk for nutritional benefits that they believe are otherwise absent in pasteurized milk.
Among other key findings, the study found 13 percent of patients in raw milk disease outbreaks were hospitalized, compared to 1 percent in pasteurized milk outbreaks.
Every two years, the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS)reviews the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PM0), which includes the procedures andregulations governing the safe supply of Grade A milk and milk products to U.
Jennifer Perry who runs a farm stand in upstate New York says, "I am quite lactose intolerant when I drink pasteurized milk but have no trouble at all with the raw.
The objective of scientists at The Ohio State University was to extend the shelf life of pasteurized milk by using high-pressure treatments that would eliminate post-pasteurization contamination from psychrotrophic bacteria.
A case-control study implicated pasteurized milk from a dairy, and an inspection indicated the potential for contamination after pasteurization.
I predict that by 2010 irradiated beef will be as readily available as pasteurized milk is today," MBC's Eustice says.
In addition, milk and milk products such as pasteurized milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and butter which were produced on or after March 2 are also suspended.
I must therefore insist that effective immediately you make arrangements to use only pasteurized milk at your school.
This power-pop gem is a concept album about suburbia, but even if all the songs were about pasteurized milk, their melodies would stick like glitter makeup on a teeny-bopper's face.
And so, he said, the introduction of irradiated meat will be as important to public health as the advent of pasteurized milk and chlorinated water.