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More than any contemporary director save Godard, Sokurov derives his imagery from the history of art--a Hubert Robert pasticcio here, a Rembrandt tronie there, and everywhere, landscapes by Caspar David Friedrich.
was billed as "An old Opera by Mr Handel" (Scouten 1072), while the remaining four (with librettos by Vanneschi) were new to London: the pasticcio Annibale in Capua, Terradellas's Mitridate, Paradies's Petante, and Terradellas's Bellerofonte.
Additionally, Atlas Park offers many flourishing local restaurants including Manor Oktoberfest, a casual German eatery serving up bratwurst, sauerbraten and a variety of German beers, the Zagat-praised Pasticcio offering authentic Italian cuisine from its new expanded operation in Queens and Shiro of Japan, a sushi-and teppanyaki-restaurant.
This is Alvilda, Regina de'Goti (1731), but it is a pasticcio, i.
Desserts include favourites such as tiramisu and panna cotta or a pasticcio al cioccolato - chocolate bread and butter pudding with vanilla cream.
The baroque pasticcio was essentially a patched-up star vehicle for virtuoso singing in which the drama, and even the orchestra, played a distinctly subordinate role.
Mrs Pasticcio, 42, said: 'I'm really proud of them and you can see what it means to them when adults congratulate them.
My companion chose Pasticcio di Fogatini dell a Casa (pounds 4.
The term appeared first in the terminology of painting and its source was the Italian word pasticcio, translated into English as 'paste'.
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Big family get-togethers with the table groaning under the weight of traditional Greek and Cypriot dishes - moussaka, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), pasticcio (a Greek version of lasagne using penne) kleftico, roast potatoes and salads.
Avoiding the recreation of yet another pasticcio, Sardelli left the work without its lost third act.