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In Chapter 5, 'The Torres Strait Islanders and the pearling industry: a case of internal colonialism', Beckett explores how the market for pearl shell and sea cucumber functioned analogous to the economics of mainland pastoralism by using Torres Strait Islanders as cheap and reliable labour to maintain an industry that would otherwise have been unviable.
In the book's clear and cogent introduction, the study's lead author, Gunther Schlee, the Director of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle, Germany compellingly presents an interpretation, which sees pastoralism as an adaptive and innovative specialization rather than an anachronistic means of production.
Pastoralism is thus an essential livelihood system, with the potential to help overcome food insecurity, particularly in Somalia, where more than 50 percent of the population are nomadic herders.
In a related paper, Vogelsang and Keding compare the comprehensive uptake of pastoralism in north-east Africa with the slower and more selective adoption documented in south-west Africa.
Second, the current environmental policy context has been shaped by a very early preference for smaller acreages of irrigated farming over pastoralism.
Dr Upton, the Principal Investigator for the project, said: 'Mongolian herders are facing multiple pressures on their livelihoods, traditionally based on nomadic pastoralism, from climate change, mining, desertification and new policies on land.
An even later poem that echoes the title of this one is "Ohioan Pastoral" (This Journey), a text that is a far cry from the unadulterated bucolic poetry of bygone times: Wright engages here in a kind of industrial pastoralism in which even the eyesores of the world are aestheticized in a kind of post-ecological gesture of acceptance of pollution and spoliation.
The fourth section, titled "Agricultural Expansion, Pastoralism.
The representative from Zareef Khan Foundation, Abid Zareef said that the cover of legal aid should be provided to the marginalized pastoralism system and the problems of pastoralist should be solved including health and education of their children.
Investments in pastoralism offer best hope for combating droughts in Africa's drylands.
Sustainable pastoralism can be considered the most appropriate strategy to maintain human well-being in rangelands, as it provides secure livelihoods, conserves ecosystem services, promotes wildlife conservation and honours cultural values and traditions.
While not claiming to be a social or environmental history, the book recognises that pastoralism impelled the spread of modem human settlement across Australia and therefore it sheds some light on exploration and settlement as well as its major focus of sheep and cattle grazing.