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Nigeria has about 19 million cattle, much of it in the hands of pastoralists, and we need to seek solutions to the problem of pastoralism while resolving the problem of insecurity that has arisen.
The conception of agroecosystems itself paved the way to their conservation, a notion that is reiterated throughout all his publications on pastures and pastoralism.
The Sahel Sustainable Pastoralism Development project is the first cross-border development project for the Lives and Livelihoods Fund, which has committed over $600 million to rural infrastructure, agriculture productivity and disease eradication projects over the past year in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
edu/directory/coppock_layne) Layne Coppock , a professor of environment and society at Utah State University in Logan whose research includes pastoralism in Ethiopia.
Sent abroad by his family in a last-ditch attempt to toughen him up (and to separate him from his sister), he fell in love with the national game, quickly coming to see in its pastoralism a moral equivalent for Wagner's operas--minus the anti-Semitism, of course.
While recording the immense cultural knowledge that Dutton possessed, Beckett is primarily concerned to explore how Aboriginal participation in the colonial economics of Australian pastoralism enabled Dutton and others of his generation to adopt a dual understanding of Country and its law, which for a time succeeded in bridging the cultural divide between native and settler.
Shongolo, Pastoralism & Politics in Northern Kenya & Southern Ethiopia.
It also details the effect of farming, forestry and pastoralism, cities and towns, seas and coasts including the aquaculture industry, inland waters, and mining on biodiversity.
This paper examines the impact of drought (defined as rainfall deficiencies and prolonged periods of above-average temperatures), not unlike the conditions predicted under climate change scenarios, on the mental health and wellbeing of Aboriginal residents in arid North West Queensland (hereafter referred to as NWQ) who are dependent on the pastoralism sector for their livelihood.
Family farming encompasses all the activities within the realms of agriculture forestry fisheries pastoralism and aquaculture that are predominantly reliant on family labour.
Across the variety of tenures, including Aboriginal owned national parks, their aim is to seek to develop a range of economic initiatives including tourism, carbon management, conservation and cultural management and to continue with sustainable pastoralism.
Study author Sarah Tishkoff of the University of Pennsylvania, said that the study sheds light on both the genetic basis and evolutionary history of a biologically relevant trait in humans and the origins of pastoralism in Africa.