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Of equal importance, they will also maintain and continue to be pastorally committed to 'couples living in other life long committed relationships''.
He served in this capacity for more than three decades, and hence has influenced a generation of pastors, professors, and parishioners to realize that God's work in the world can be most fruitfully understood as a creative interaction between theology and science--philosophically, methodologically, and pastorally.
Maerdy is still cared for pastorally by the parish priest and ministry in the Rhondda area remains very strong, served by 22 churches.
She traces Karlstadt's journey from being a supporter of Luther's reforms to becoming a vehement opponent, who criticized his former colleague for being theologically too cautious and pastorally too close to Catholicism.
Their position had previously been weakened by their surrender to contraceptives (1967) and divorce (1968) followed by the infamous rejection of Pope Paul's 1968 encyclical Humanae vitae as (supposedly) pastorally inept, and replaced by a theologically erroneous Winnipeg Statement, a document still not retracted after 43 years.
While Wax says that some evangelicals are responding to the book in unhelpful and pastorally damaging ways to, he still takes issue with Bell's message.
It seems right that work coming out of the 'tradition' of Radical Orthodoxy would stretch the reader's tolerance for synthesis as far as possible, and wind up back at the same stubborn paradox of the Incarnation, a doctrine whose implications Pound extends pastorally to both the liturgical practice of the church and the counseling session of the psychoanalyst.
And the Bunyan who, in single-minded pursuit of Christ, assimilates the fleshly and the worthless--with distinctly unsociable consequences--mingles uneasily in these pages with a Bunyan thinking politically and pastorally, who understands that bodily flesh, although corruptible and liable to be tempted and bewitched, may nevertheless perform the significant function of serving notice to the world of sectarian holiness, revealing to citizens and magistrates a sanctified face of godly sociability.
Bosworth and Hagin, he says, represent Pentecostal healing evangelism, and Sanford and MacNutt represent pastorally oriented healing ministry in mainline denominations.
Sometimes, we may feel that the work of being pastorally present is not "scientific" and this is probably true.
We have been serving the people of Coventry for 700 years, both spiritually and pastorally, but now we hope to embark on pastures new, by becoming an established venue for performance art within Coventry and Warwickshire, including holding art exhibitions for both new and more established artists.
We are therefore offering guidance on how thanksgiving for the gift of a child, or indeed baptism, might be incorporated within a marriage service so that the church can respond pastorally to our changing world if a priest feels it would be advisable to offer this option," Platten added.