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PASTURES, pastures. The land on which beasts are fed; and by a grant of pastures the land itself passes. 1 Thorn. Co, Litt. 202.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Immediately in front of the house was a lawn, perhaps fifty yards in extent between the house and public road, or, as it was called, the "pike." Beyond this road lay a close-cropped pasture of some ten acres, level and without a tree, rock, or any natural or artificial object on its surface.
It was one of them lovely warm May days, and the wind was blowing and the colts jumping around in the pastures; but I felt bowed with despair.
Rain, as often as it falls, which is about once in every two or three years, is a great advantage, because the cattle and mules can for some time afterwards find a little pasture in the mountains.
In the spring, after the winter showers, a thin pasture rapidly springs up, and cattle are then driven down from the Cordillera to graze for a short time.
Our first day's ride was to a solitary house, called Yerba Buena, where there was pasture for our horses.
Broad, oak-studded pastures with grazing livestock lay on either hand.
In a single night a swoop was made through the neighboring pastures by the Blackfeet, and eighty-six of the finest horses carried off.
Oxen, lying in the pastures, gazed mildly at the passing persons.
The State Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Safety of Kyrgyzstan voiced the first results of examination of the fallen livestock at Solton-Sary pasture of Naryn region.
The operative component of this term is pasture. An interspersed wooded pasture yes, but it will not be a successional woodlot.
This study was conducted on indigenous Morkaraman breed and Romanov x Morkaraman F1 Crossbreed sheep reared under semi-intensive conditions in order to determine the influence of dam age, genotype, birth weight, year, sex and birth type at lambing, weaning weight, weaning age, grazing period and weight at the end of the grazing period on pasture revenue, which is defined as the obtained revenue per lamb from weaning period to the end of the grazing period.