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PASTURES, pastures. The land on which beasts are fed; and by a grant of pastures the land itself passes. 1 Thorn. Co, Litt. 202.

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The coachman was directed to drive back, and as the vehicle turned Williamson was seen by all three, walking leisurely across the pasture.
We crossed also the valley of Chaneral; which, although the most fertile one between Guasco and Coquimbo, is very narrow, and produces so little pasture, that we could not purchase any for our horses.
Rain, as often as it falls, which is about once in every two or three years, is a great advantage, because the cattle and mules can for some time afterwards find a little pasture in the mountains.
She had thirty cattle in her bunch; it had been dry, and the pasture was short, or she wouldn't have brought them so far.
The path led at first through undulating grounds, and thence to a plateau, where pastures and tilled fields alternated.
In a single night a swoop was made through the neighboring pastures by the Blackfeet, and eighty-six of the finest horses carried off.
Broad, oak-studded pastures with grazing livestock lay on either hand.
In the study area pastures and pasture resources are well integrated into the domestic production systems.
more serious given that pasture production is 3-4-fold lower than normal.
On most small farms, pasture management is the most crucial factor involved in keeping cattle.
Similarly, "organic" turkeys may get organic grain, but they weren't necessarily reared on pasture.
Specifically, the circulator was proven to be useful in evaluating the level of contamination of a pasture by Listeria species occupied by free-range poultry.