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Reducing the number of installers, and converging on a minimum set, offers the prospect of dramatically reducing the burden of patch management.
The importance of patch management has been highlighted this year as users have been hit by high-profile worms and viruses, such as the Slammer worm, that could have been avoided if administrators had kept up to date with Microsoft Corp's published patches.
SysUpdate, the company's flagship patch management and vulnerability remediation product, automates the process of distributing security updates in order to relieve network administrators of the need to manually research, download, deploy, install, validate and document fixes for every machine on the network.
Secunia and EMT Distribution are also developing a certification programme to ensure that trained partners are able to consolidate and further develop their skillsets in the field of vulnerability detection and patch management. Post event, the distirbutor will ensure that trained personnel in the channel are able to meet customers and develop their interest in the product.
The latest version of the company's patch management,
The new Windows patch management features are designed to allow IT professionals and other users: support Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 updates; schedule and manage updates to off-LAN computers using LogMeIn's cloud-based connectivity platform; simultaneously manage Windows Updates on multiple computers; automatically push updates to multiple systems at the same time; select which Microsoft updates to apply; and work with Windows Update or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).
"We have had a long & productive partnership together, and we are pleased to continue that partnership with Shavlik, a technology leader for systems management including patch management," said David Weiss, president and CEO, Numara Software.
<p>Microsoft's goal is to add its Fix-it technology, introduced in January, into its overall patch management toolbox, which is anchored by Patch Tuesday.
One of the biggest mistakes that larger organizations and agencies make with patch management is to force the deployment of security patches without properly understanding which devices are vulnerable or without testing the patches in their specific environment.
Linux Patch management; keeping Linux systems up to date.
Siemens Communications has warned UK companies and organisations that investment in complex network systems could be negated by ineffective patch management.
Patch management is an essential administration task within today's busy IT networks with the constant threat of new security bugs.