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The name is patched together from those of its Belgian inventors, computer scientists Vincent Rijmen of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Heverlee, Belgium, and Joan Daemen of Proton World International in Brussels, which develops smart-card technology.
From standards such as "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise" to the Meters' "Cissy Strut," Harrison seems to have absorbed all sorts of music, but this set never sounds patched together or overly eclectic.
The rag-tag International team - a patched together bunch from the Pacific Islands, Japan, South America, New Zealand, Australia and the African continent - have brought the might of the United States to its golfing knees .
These are my impressions patched together from my notes taken that evening.
The results of the inspections of the books of all 19 banks will be patched together in a report around November, the officials said.
In contrast, the randomness and patched together look of Rondo (1996), also a New York premiere, had a certain internal logic.
But now researchers have patched together Navy satellite photos to map the ocean floor more accurately than ever before.
The actual '92 declaration, when it was finally patched together, wasn't given to the community board until 12 days before the 30 days was up," he noted.
They also apparently didn't realize that RTC had few if any trained staff to do the job or that its computer system was grossly inadequate, patched together from decade-old hand-me-downs from three other government agencies.
Despite the new stock option requirements and greater scrutiny by auditors, many stock plan administrators are still using patched together spreadsheet solutions that are woefully inadequate to meet today's regulatory challenges.
The SNP's patched together bid to cut PS70 amounted to the same thing, releasing the firms from their environmental commitments but not from their excessive profits.
Patched together with Johnston's own film and audio recordings that he's made throughout his life, it's a gripping and intelligent documentary.