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Taylor Power Law, Iwao Patchiness Regression, and the Index of Dispersion helped to clarify distribution patterns of ulidiid eggs and larvae and of their predators found on corn ears.
Using the above formula, differences in spatial distribution and stock density per macrozone resulted in different numbers of replicates required for the different areas, with more replicates for areas of higher patchiness, and lower numbers where the population appears more evenly distributed.
Figures 3 to 6 show patchiness of samples calculated using rather small scale cartographic data (CORINE which is in scale of 1:100 000) and can give only general information useful for selecting sample locations.
Understanding the mechanisms underlying vegetation patterns is necessary to correctly interpret the impacts of climate changes on vegetation patchiness, and to identify, in particular, warning signs of imminent desertification,' said Meron.
She is largely successful in these admittedly risky endeavours, though a certain amount of patchiness is the inevitable price.
What is less fathomable is the continuing patchiness of the response from the authorities and the general lack of coordination.
Regardless of geographical and seasonal differences in nutritional conditions, it is widely accepted that planktonic larvae are naturally subjected to intermittent periods of starvation or suboptimal prey availability due to the natural patchiness of plankton distribution in the oceanic environment (Pinel-Alloul, 1995; Folt and Burns, 1999; Andersen and Nielsen, 2002).
Partly due to the fact that Capello's England have periods of patchiness.
The observed pattern of variation could be another example of chaotic genetic patchiness in marine organisms.
Carrion fly community dynamics: patchiness, seasonality and coexistence.
Furthermore, the patchiness of zooplankton also makes it difficult to sample exactly the same community with duplicate tows.