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We determined that the final product would be in the form of a patchwork pillow.
PATCHWORK masterpieces are the stars of Coventry's new exhibition.
He said that patchworks have already been started on roads and streets in the districts of Al Safa and Al Rawda.
By testing and validating patches before they are deployed, Patchworks significantly increases the efficiency of the patching process, while providing organizations with the peace of mind that their database environments are highly secure.
TWO intricate patchwork quilts made by skilled North Wales crafters raised more than pounds 1,600 for a hospital cancer unit.
The patchworks are utility, traditional and showpiece creations and each design comes with full directions and easily-reproduced piecing patterns.
Recent developments include the new PatchWorks line of therapeutic gel patches from the Cosrich Group's Health Science Labs division.
As is well know, the reliefs, made between 1959 and 1966, are built on welded steel armatures that support wire-sewn patchworks of old and soot-stained canvas.
Rich patchworks, folk-style embroidery and bohemian jewellery give the rustic Russian look an effortlessly decadent feel.
The business could be back on its feet in 1996, and up and running in '97, if suppliers can raise styling and pricing above the commodity levels of the past few years, when look-alike patchworks flooded the market from China.
Like many of the characters that populate them, Griffin's images are themselves patchworks of disparate methods and materials.