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Key clinical point: Early recognition and treatment of autism might allow the developing brains of children with the condition to build alternative pathways around the patchy defects in the cortex.
The European Central Bank has warned of a patchy recovery for the economy.
A dry and bright day with sunny spells and patchy cloud.
With a small roof-top aerial on a building in Dumballs Road and patchy signal, I don't think it should be called Radio Cardiff, it should be renamed Bay Radio, with Red Dragon and Real Radio out there and the new Xfm about to hit our airwaves in November, I don't think Radio Cardiff stands a chance in ruling the waves.
My heart goes out to students who organise websites: the chat rooms are always desultory, participation is always patchy and then only during term time, and the really hot designers keep their masterworks for their vacation job portfolio/showreel.
Today and the rest of the week will be partly cloudy with patchy morning fog and highs in the 80s and lows near 60, according to the Weather Service.
However, because the cement can set up unevenly, it tends to provide only patchy support for a building.
With near-zero humidity levels common in airplane cabins--making them drier than many of the world's deserts--it's no wonder passengers' skin can turn dry and patchy after a long flight.
The warm-season grasses did not establish evenly throughout the field; instead, they grew back in patchy areas.
Sometimes, like life, Twilight of Love is patchy, and sometimes Dessaix's reflections on his own past seemed to me to be random and irrelevant.
Several of the blackened windows have been smashed, doors are boarded up and the facade is patchy and grotty-looking.
With the cherry season beginning in a fortnight, substantial growers such as Paul Mansfield, who has some 150 acres, reports that damage has only been patchy.