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7 Hurdles, watering); Dry with some late sunshine but also patchy cloud.
The patchy Priorymen had a solid start but have now gone four without a win, although they did well in week to hold second placed Coxhoe to a 1-1 draw.
What: The pirate Patchy scrambles to locate SpongeBob's ``lost episode.
Southwell Standard; Dry with late sunshine and patchy cloud.
STEWART DOWNING insists his patchy form is not down to an England hangover.
A further furlong at the Sussex course here won't bother him and in a patchy looking contest Funny Me can land his maiden with Jimmy Fortune on top.
BRIDGEWATER CANAL: Small roach with some skimmers are showing at Walton Hall, Lymm and Runcorn Town but overall sport is patchy.
It leaves them fifth from bottom of the table and needing a tonic for their patchy form.
The rain that has wreaked havoc on local freeways for the last couple of days, however, is expected to give way to patchy clouds today, followed by temperatures in the high 70s on Monday, according to the National Weather Service.
WEARSIDE wonder Rea's albums tend to be patchy affairs with musical gems hidden in amongst soundalike settings - but don't despair.
We did see patchy, severe denitrification," says SOLVE team member Eric J.
Leopardstown A dry day is expected with spells of sunshine and patchy cloud.