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(19.) Sahoo MM, Mahapatra SK, Sethi GC, Dash SK Patellar ligament rupture during total knee arthroplasty in an ochronotic patient.
Improving the alignment of the patellar ligament will often help the patella to track more evenly against the walls of the trochlear groove.
Especially in the deep surface against the extensor mechanism the margins were all inadequate, probably because the previous surgeons were afraid to injure the patellar ligament.
Horizontal desmotomy of medial patellar ligament, near insertion site at tibial tuberosity, was undertaken under local anaesthesia (Fig.
This procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic, so that the medial patellar ligament is clearly defined.
Albay, "The morphometry of patella and patellar ligament during the fetal period," Clinical Anatomy, vol.
A patellar ligament tear, frequently referred to as "jumper's knee", is mostly seen in individuals who play running or leaping sports, caused by a direct autumn or landing after a jump.
Contract award notice: screws for acl patellar ligament graft and the two fibers femoral graft fixation.
The bone segments comprising the joint composition are held together by a joint capsule, strengthened by six ligaments: anterior (patellar ligament), posterior, lateral, internal, latero-external and two cruciate ligaments (Pasztai, 2001).
Quadriceps tendon and patellar ligament: cryosectional anatomy and structural properties in young adults.
* Realigning the point of attachment of the patellar ligament if displaced on the tibia (shinbone).