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Chalices and patens occupy a prominent place among the liturgical objects, because they are indispensable to the Eucharist and are also used to prepare, administer, carry, keep, or simply expose the Consecrated Species.
Together, the two companies identified more than ten thousand software patents which are now contained within the Paten Explorer CD-ROM.
THANK you for the interesting item by Hywel Trewyn regarding the 13th century Cymer Abbey chalice and paten.
In 1980, for instance, the magisterium insisted "Particular respect and care are due to the sacred vessels, both the chalice and paten for the celebration of the Eucharist, and the ciboria for the Communion of the faithful.
During recent alterations, the body of a priest, dead for many hundreds of years yet still bearing a chalice and paten, was unearthed.
I will place on my paten, O God, the harvest to be won by this renewal of labour.
Miller was not well enough to travel to Waterloo to witness the historic signing of the Waterloo Declaration, he was presented with one of the chalice and paten sets given out to mark the occasion.
Tries from Andrew Paten, Russell Lear and Dennis Lennard, two of which were converted by John Canney, saw the visitors destroy the home team's lead and storm to their first win of the season.
Up front teenager Kenny Miller looked lively and 19-year-old Eric Paten caused problems in midfield.
The chalice and paten were taken to the altar by Harmony Waterman and Helen Phillips and Mr Clay was assisted at the distribution by pastoral minister, Malcolm Tibbott.
Only the timed give and take, right hand and left, the rhythms of the water clock ribs, this free flight of wind, lift of limb, bird wing of breath that chalice and paten the bones, the workaday canvas of harvest and prayer.
Tehsildar Thorar confirmed the incident and said that corolla car bearing registration number LX 9906 fell in Nullah which was on its way from Azad Paten to Taeen at the link road near Kashmir highway.