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In the international market, there is a higher recognition of Chinese patent medicine in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, and many varieties of Chinese patent medicine are included in the Medicare drug list stipulated by Southeast Asian countries, and special departments are established for management research as well.
Ninety-one percent (91%) were engaged full time in the patent medicine business and the rest did it on part time basis as shown in figure 3.
His collection included a number of ads for patent medicines from the early 1900s.
Natural thyroxine is only one of many hormones made by animal and human thyroid glands, but by the 1940s one or more patent medicine companies had obtained "process patents" for thyroxine, patents which covered how to synthesize it to be exactly like the natural version.
Once a patent medicine gained a sufficient reputation, then there would be soon be even more unscrupulous quacks out there who would be pirating it.
Phaedra Livingstone, an assistant professor and museum studies coordinator in the University of Oregon Arts Administration Program, presented "Snake Oil and Mothers' Milk: Victorian Patent Medicine Advertising" to a small but keenly interested audience.
The tragic history of laudanum, morphine and patent medicines.
But the patent medicine industry was particularly strong in the South, and initial reports from both the AMA and Massengill attempted to limit the scope of the problem by emphasizing that one group of patients had been seeing a "Negro" doctor.
Today, herbal concoctions and other supplements are cooked up and marketed with wild abandon, with all the unrestrained, unverified boasting of the patent medicine era still on display.
But he also loves the deceptiveness of the human soul, which manifests not only in the two main characters but in a variety of horse thieves, bank robbers, railroad toughs, religious hypocrites and patent medicine hawkers encountered on the journey.
It was then sold as a patent medicine because people believed carbonated water was good for you.
Why does this sound like a carnie hawking patent medicine and magnetized amulets in a traveling show?