patently bad

See: arrant, onerous
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There are those who see mining as a patently bad thing.
David Cameron claimed 'the good news would keep coming', but today's double whammy of lower-than-expected receipts from the sale of 4G licences, which the Government was relying on to balance the books, combined with a rise in unemployment, is patently bad news for the people of Wales.
Expecting Irish ratification of such a patently bad deal was an insult to the intelligence and common sense of the people of Ireland.
In short, the IPP 2010 Report calls for a range of remedial measures to rectify an economic situation that is patently bad.
The worst offenders, are the advertisers who shamelessly tempt our children to eat and drink things that are patently bad for them in anything other than moderation.
All it takes to ruin the Court is a patently bad, game-changing decision that defies common sense.