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The findings revealed a negative correlation between paternal care and depressive symptoms,' Gitonga said.
Paternal care has primarily been observed in primates, carnivores and rodents (Elwood, 1983; Jennions & Macdonald, 1994; Woodroffe & Vincent, 1994).
The study, published in the scientific journal Plos One last week, found that Y-chromosomal analysis of Greek Cypriots reveals a common pre-Ottoman paternal ancestry with Turkish Cypriots.
Our study suggests that social skills are a key domain affected by paternal age.
Out of 42 cases with strabismus, 24 were with maternal and 18 were with paternal consanguinity.
The images showed the paternal mitochondria breaking down from the inside out.
While previous research has established the association between older paternal age and autism spectrum disorders (ASD), there have been significant differences between studies, as well as a lack of definitive information on whether paternal and maternal ages are independent risk factors.
Edwards and Roff examined the relationship between paternal age and sperm mutation.
A higher percentage of spontaneous mutations in some genetic disorders are paternal origin, [5] and this should be deduced in an association between paternal age and inherited diseases.
In addition to his parents, he is survived by his big brother, Charles Avery Magorian; maternal grandparents, Barbara and Fidel Herpin of Clinton; paternal grandmother, Elaine McNeill and her companion, Jon Pratt, of Palmer; paternal grandfather, Lou Magorian and his companion, Nanci King, of Clinton; paternal great-grandparents, Joanne Lincoln and Charles of Ashland, generations of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
This paper seeks to elucidate the concept of the pre-oedipal (1) paternal function through an examination of how this construct is understood from a clinical perspective.