Paternity Suit

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Paternity Suit

A civil action brought against an unwed father by an unmarried mother to obtain support for an illegitimate child and for payment of bills incident to the pregnancy and the birth.

A paternity suit, also known as an affiliation proceeding, is a criminal proceeding in certain states.

Generally the unwed mother initiates a paternity suit; in some jurisdictions, however, if the mother is a minor, proceedings must be initiated by a parent or guardian acting on her behalf.


Child Support; Illegitimacy; Parent and Child.

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paternity suit

n. a lawsuit, usually by a mother, to prove that a named person is the father of her child (or the fetus she is carrying). Evidence of paternity may include blood tests (which can eliminate a man as a possible father), testimony about sexual relations between the woman and the alleged father, evidence of relationship of the couple during time the woman became pregnant, admissions of fatherhood, comparison of child in looks, eye and hair color, race, and increasingly, DNA evidence. In addition to the desire to give the child a known natural father, proof of paternity will lead to the right to child support, birthing expenses, and the child's inheritance from his father. The threat of a paternity suit against a man married to another may lead to a prompt and quiet settlement.

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Drawing on over 90 paternity suits filed after the enactment of the Code, Milanich demonstrates how family law reproduced class differences in republican Chile.
In three richly documented chapters, Fuchs traces the evolution of opinion on the bench and in the legislature that led to a law permitting paternity suits in 1912.
Several laws expanded the rights of recognized natural children, before lawmakers finally broke the state's patriarchal pact with fathers by declaring paternity suits to claim a father's name and share in his inheritance to be a child's natural right, though only if the father was not married.
An second paternity suit was filed by Californian Tamara Rotolo, 31, who had gone to Monaco with a friend for a dream holiday.
"They don't want the hassle of some girl slapping them with a paternity suit or, if they lived together for two years, finding she wants all his money.
In many parts of the country, a man facing a paternity suit can settle the case once and for all by paying his former sexual partner a lump sum to support their child.
The previous discussion focused on the use of DNA testing in ongoing paternity suits. But what happens if a man passes away and an individual comes forward after his death and alleges to be his child?
In the second part of the study, Pedersen divides her attention between debates over paternity suits and reproductive rights.
But on the night it was David who rose to the occasion, and deserves his pop star trappings - the luxury pad, the car, the drug problem, the paternity suits and, eventually, his appearances on the Butlin's cabaret circuit with Bucks Fizz.
The firm offers pounds 399 DNA Dadcheck kits to legal firms involved in paternity suits.
The action shifts between India, London and the US, as adultery, murder, high finance and paternity suits sabotage Chita and Shyam's once happy marriage.
YOUR wife famously once said you could wall-paper the house with paternity suits.