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Lucid, but ambiguous; pathetic, but amusing; poetical, but comprehensive; prosaical, but full of emphasis.
The christening robe with its pathetic frills is over half a century old now, and has begun to droop a little, like a daisy whose time is past; but it is as fondly kept together as ever: I saw it in use again only the other day.
These are the ghosts that go wailing about old houses, and foolish wild stories are invented to explain what is all so pathetic and simple.
This pathetic representation lasted the whole evening, and so ostentatious and artful a display has entirely convinced me that she did in fact feel nothing.
The saddest thing about them was that they were grotesque, and the more pathetic they were, the more you wanted to laugh.
He did not know in the least what had made him invent that pathetic story, but he was quite as unhappy as though it had been true.
Radford said after Friday's match: "It was a pathetic effort - he's going to miss a lot of games and deserves it.
Summary: Srinagar(Jammu and Kashmir) [India], January 30 (ANI): Kashmir Deputy Mufti Azam Nasir-Ul-Islam on Tuesday sparked a row by saying that Muslims in India should get a separate country as they are bound to live in pathetic conditions.
What is trivial to some may be devastating to others but, what is truly pathetic and bordering on inhumane, is the 'get a backbone' response aimed at the victims while allowing the abusive behaviour to continue with impunity.
Meanwhile, the Federal minister for Human Rights, Kamran Michael has expressed deep concern and taken a prompt notice of the barbaric and pathetic incident.
Islamabad -- The Federal minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael has expressed deep concern and taken a prompt notice of the barbaric and pathetic incident of the burning of women in Peshawar on Monday.
The SNP should put an extra word to the name of their party and call it The Scottish National Pathetic Party because every one of there their MPs voted against the new Successor Nuclear programme, which is a pathetic decision.