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People power is at last taking over from that of the green fanatics who are hell bent on lining the pockets of large international companies whilst ignoring the damage that wind turbines do to our countryside for a pathetically small saving in emissions.
If that is so, then why is the minimum wage so pathetically low?
Rather than wasting everybody's time on seeking to alter or tweak things that fundamentally do not need attention, Racing For Change should focus on the reasons behind the pathetically low Ascot turnout, and ensure it doesn't happen again.
Greatrex said: "The level of service from the Atos phone line has been pathetically inadequate, especially when many of those trying to contact them are in a state of anxiety.
New Labour has been pathetically effete, forgiving all of its sons and daughters for their misdemeanours, elevating many to peerages, which must make Tony Benn feel betrayed by his own.
With a pathetically thin state political media, it's fairly difficult to run on any issues to begin with, at least ones beyond the bumper-sticker variety.
The many faces of biblical humor; a compendium of the most delightful, romantic, humorous, ironic, sarcastic, or pathetically funny stories and statements in scripture, rev.
I suspect this is only given to avoid giving higher annual pension increases, instead of the pathetically low offerings each year.
My husband has just been admitted to hospital, and it is in a pathetically poor state.
That the present political leadership in Ghana, coming from the anti-independence and anti-African unity Danquah-Busia party line, has been pathetically pro-West is obvious to us all.
We conduct pathetically little export trade with these nations; we constitute less than 5 percent of Russia's imports, 13 percent of Saudi Arabia's, and virtually none of Iran's.
Tad Szulc (pronounced Shultz), the Times correspondent who covered the Bay of Pigs invasion, would later write that Brigade 2506 was the "pathetically brave and pathetically inadequate" force enlisted in "one of the worst conceived, planned, and executed military-intelligence operations in modern history.