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15) In Curnow's 'There is a Pleasure in the Pathless Woods' the ego is dissolved into disembodied observation; the subjective point of view is implicit.
David is saying that when you allow God to shepherd you, when you dare to leave the path for the pathless, the known for the unknown, and take upon yourself the challenge of becoming a blessing and a liberator, you can trust God to provide you with the means for being both in this moment and the next.
Unlike the biblical scapegoat sent into the desert's pathless openness, bearing the sins of the people, the Minotaur is hidden away within the labyrinth, bearing not only the sins of his mother but also the mark of Poseidon's revenge: his hybridity.
A ministry of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, Bethany Spirituality Center, Highland Mills, NY, offers comfortable, private accommodations in the Hudson Valley for the following: Easter Triduum Retreat with RJM community, April 21-24; "At Sea with God," guided retreat with Margaret Silf, June 17-24; Directed Retreat, July 1-9 and 15-23; Pathless Yoga Retreat, with Joan Ruvinsky, July 27-31; Silence and Awareness Retreat, with Mary Jo Meadow, OCDS, August 6-14; Retiro Predicado para Religiosas, with Rev.
Suffice it to say, that from the same prudential forecast which made Teague desire to be hanged early in the morning, as he had a long journey before him, and never liked travelling in the dark for fear of meeting spirits, having for the purpose convey'd my carriage to the platform on the top of my apartment, I mounted into the wide expanse of the pathless air, just as the sun had begun to shoot his beams through the grey of the dawn, and gild the fleecy clouds with scattered beams of day.
I must go on by myself through all that is left after the end, all the rest of the immense, pathless, unreadable world" (173).
But the Expedition is more than just a top-class sporting event: it is also an exciting journey of discovery through the pathless terrain of Alaska and Russia.
All traces of his footsteps are fast being obliterated from his once favourite haunts, and those who would see the aborigines of the country in their original state, or seek to study their native manners and customs, must travel far through the pathless forest to find them.
Wells wrote: "Rip's 'Village of Falling Water,' Palenville, lies at the base and from the summit, looking far out over a field of fleecy cloud-tipped peaks, the gilded dome of the capitol at Albany tosses back the sparkling sunlight which glistens in the silvery Hudson below as though seeking to detain it in its mad onward rush to the pathless sea.
Teams of four test their fitness, endurance and navigational skills through the night as they tackle terrain which is mostly made up of pathless peat bog.
In modern times, Krishnamurti famously broke with his preordained role as spiritual leader by proclaiming that "the truth is a pathless land".