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Statistical equivalence was assessed by comparing the confidence interval of the RD and RR of the pathologic complete response in breast tissue and axillary lymph nodes with the prespecified equivalence margins.
In patients with a pathologic fracture, the rate of LR for LSS and amputation groups was 8.
For cases that were found to have a pathologic upgrade in the excisional biopsy specimen, slides of the excision were reviewed and the histologic findings confirmed.
Lumbar pathologic discs most often occur in the lower lumbar region, at the L4-L5 or L5-S1 joint levels (Figure 3).
Evaluation of a pathologic fracture or lesion in the femur requires a systematic approach.
In mastectomy patients, rates of chest wall recurrence were inversely correlated to pathologic nodal response, Dr.
COMMENT I make it a policy to send all skin specimens--no matter how innocuous--for pathologic determination.
In some rickettsioses, the inoculation eschar is the site of an intense rickettsial multiplication and thus is the preferred biopsy specimen for studying the pathologic features of Rickettsia-induced infection and for detecting the bacteria by immunohistologic tests as well as for carrying out isolation procedures or genomic detection.
But our study shows that a significant proportion of those patients whose cancers are detected by rectal exam would definitely benefit from surgery and have poor pathologic outcomes that put them at risk for tumor spread," Dr.
Patients with pathologic levels of the biomarkers were more than 20 times as likely to progress to Alzheimer's disease as those with mild cognitive impairment but without the pathologic levels of biomarkers, reported the authors.
SAN DIEGO -- Heart murmurs that seem to vary depending on a child's posture and respiration, that don't have any associated clicks or high-frequency "harsh" sounds, and that are not diastolic tend to be innocent rather than pathologic, Dr.