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His atlas, Pathological Anatomy: Illustrations of the Elementary Forms of Disease, was published in 1838 in 12 separately printed fascicles, each of four plates in its own wrappers, and dedicated to his early inspiration, Dr James Jeffray.
In three brief chapters the pathologist Giorgio Weber considers the evidence for observations of pathological anatomy recorded in the works of, respectively, Andreas Vesalius, Niccolo Massa, and Realdo Colombo.
Baron Guillaume Dupuytren founded the Chair of Pathological Anatomy at the University of Paris.
So competent was Dupuytren in his teaching that he started his own course in pathological anatomy, with Gaspard Bayle and Rene Laennec as his assistants.
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He reviews the basic principles of biomechanics and spinal movement, lumbar back muscles, the nerves and blood supply of the lumbar spine and its embryology and development, age-changes, possible mechanisms of lumbar pain, and pathological anatomy. This edition has new chapters on reconstructive and radiological anatomy (previously in the appendix), including sagittal and axial magnetic resonance imaging.
This is followed by material on pathological anatomy and physiology.
Evolution of the operative technique has been driven by the need to achieve successful correction of pathological anatomy as well as to avoid complications.

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