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Pathways not always clear to the naked eye, Pathways to take right through life until we die, Pathways might be dark and long Pathways might be bright and long.
Therefore, the evaluation of the apoptosis and/or fibrosis process could be an excellent way of predicting the development of cardiomyopathy induced by SHS, although the specificity of the related signaling pathways involved in the development of apoptosis and/or fibrosis needs to be identified.
AxCell is expanding and accelerating its research activities to further elucidate the role of novel proteins and pathways in ProChart(TM), through both external collaborations and internal data mining.
Prior to initiating that behavior sequence, however, one must engage in two other types of cognitions: pathways and agency thinking.
AB 585 and SB 133 offer candidates two new pathways for certification.
Two distinct neural pathways run from auditory brain tissue near the ears to the frontal-lobe locales favored by the two visual pathways, report Lizabeth M.
The most important goal of case management and the use of critical pathways is to improve patient outcomes.
Capitated health plans are embracing critical pathways as a superior way to manage costs and ensure high-quality outcomes for inpatients and outpatients alike.
But to me, the passage also suggests that there are four separate pathways - heart, strength, mind, and neighbor - and each of us is naturally inclined to follow one of them.
Since then, critical pathways -- also called Critical Pathway Care Maps, Action Plans, Multidisciplinary Action Plans, or Clinical Pathways -- have been adapted to meet the needs of different health care organizations that are implementing so-called case management models, the basis of subacute care programs that are evolving today.
By comparing protein interaction networks of two different species or even within species, we can identify pathways and complexes that have been conserved over evolution.