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The uncontested election in Pati was a direct result of the strength of the pair of candidates who ran: the incumbent, Haryanto, and his running mate, Saiful Arifin, a wealthy local businessman.
PATI has been used to measure injury severity in penetrating abdominal trauma in order to assist the surgeon in categorizing the patients at risk of developing complications, and even in decision-making techniques for repairing intra-abdominal organs according to its severity score.
Although some of the other essays touch on this topic as well--like Pati and Nanda's discussion of the role of print propaganda in changing attitudes towards leprosy in early twentieth-century Orissa--Sharma is the only author who focuses explicitly on the interactions of print media and medicine.
Pati was disappeared for the first time when she was 16 years old.
Cars on display at preview and their owners present on the occasion were: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air owned by Mr Diljeet Titus, Packard Super 8 owned by Rajiv Kehr, Bentley Mark VI owned by Harsh Pati Singhania respectively.
In another room at the JNCASR, Pati not only shares Waghmare's research interest but also a similar background.
Liverpool crown court heard Costello and an accomplice targeted Mr Pati on Hall Lane in Kensington when the pair approached him and demanded to use his mobile phone, becoming increasingly aggressive.
The financial sector in terms of bringing down interest rates that still remains a very important part of this growth agenda," Harsh Pati Singhania, President, FICCI.
has begun a final series of tests for its PATI (Pure Air Technology) system prototype that the company said will prove the system produces "sterile" air devoid of any biological or chemical contaminants.
Owner Prince Khalid Abdulla wouldn't have had races worth under pounds 2,000 in mind when the mating plans were agreed for French Derby winner Hernando and a half-sister to Irish Oaks heroine Princess Pati.
PATI ENTS who miss appointments cost the NHS pounds 8.