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Twenty-four percent of respondents believe their patient admissions will decrease, more than double what was projected in fall 2011 (12.
When Bowden took his post at Palisades in 2008, he was determined to earn the same stellar ranking for the Palisades business office and patient admissions.
The DIETpas uses patient information directly from the ACT Patient Admission System.
The new Network Optional Downtime Module gives healthcare facilities the ability to produce legible, complete patient admission and identification documentation whether they have access to their network or Health Information System (HIS).
An exclusive add-on module to Tele-Tracking's flagship product, BedTracking(R), PreAdmitTracking(TM) assists hospitals with critical issues, such as delays in patient admission, discharge and transfer processes in Emergency Departments.
Most hospitals and clinics have computers, but relegate them mostly for billing purposes and patient admission and discharge.
CVBT recently announced completion of patient admission and administration of the drug in a Phase I clinical trial of Cardio Vascu-Grow(TM) in no-option heart patients.
Optio solutions will generate on-demand patient admission packs, eliminating the cost of producing and storing pre-printed registration forms.
The Company's psychiatric hospitals recorded patient admission growth of 15% in the three month period and 13% in the nine month period compared to the prior year.
They pledged to increase staff and better manage the process of patient admissions following reports of chaos in emergency care.
It took nine months to develop and included the appointment of three specialist nurses, the creation of a new alert for rapid detection of cancer patient admissions, and the development of a new website.
1) Service utilisation--as a bed can be used two or more times a shift, depending on patient admissions and discharges.

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