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Twenty-four percent of respondents believe their patient admissions will decrease, more than double what was projected in fall 2011 (12.
When Bowden took his post at Palisades in 2008, he was determined to earn the same stellar ranking for the Palisades business office and patient admissions.
Since early 2011 Community's patient admission policies and associated billing practices have been the subject of heightened regulatory scrutiny.
For healthcare, the supported processes are patient admission and patient discharge.
CVBT recently announced completion of patient admission and administration of the drug in a Phase I clinical trial of Cardio Vascu-Grow(TM) in no-option heart patients.
Optio solutions will generate on-demand patient admission packs, eliminating the cost of producing and storing pre-printed registration forms.
Health Minister Kim Hames said patient admission would occur in four phases to enable the testing of all clinical and non-clinical systems at the hospital, ensuring safety and efficiency at every stage.
Strobeck reported the results of a propensity score matched-controlled retrospective analysis of mortality and readmission outcomes in a mixed community cohort of 245 consecutive heart failure patient admissions over the course of four years for whom at least one year of follow-up or mortality data were available.
Health trusts have also made efforts to improve their management of patient admissions and discharges, resulting in shorter hospital stays, the review noted.
They pledged to increase staff and better manage the process of patient admissions following reports of chaos in emergency care.
It took nine months to develop and included the appointment of three specialist nurses, the creation of a new alert for rapid detection of cancer patient admissions, and the development of a new website.

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